LAR-003: Caveman Cult – Savage War is Destiny LP

LAR-003 LP Jkt lo-res

Release date: August 8, 2016

CAVEMAN CULT deliver their debut full length album “Savage War Is Destiny”; 32 minutes of relentless filth. Absolutely no mercy. A barbaric display of bestial black metal and old school death metal with a heavy South American influence.

150gram black vinyl, limited to 500 copies.

LIVE VIDEO of “The Bludgeoning” and “Iron Scourge” from Savage War is Destiny at Cathedral of the Black Goat Fest, volume 8 (10/29/16):

“Savage War Is Destiny presents 11 blistering tracks of war metal with stronger production giving a bigger and more all encompassing sound while still keeping it savage and raw. Barbaric drums pummel – never more apparent on La Eternia Guerra Sangrienta. Guttural vocals seethe and growl away. Beyond distorted guitar shreds bestial, atonal grooves. Ugly. Caveman Cult are your soundtrack for the end times and Savage War Is Destiny shows this band is only getting better. “

“It’s a goddamn war zone, teetering on the edge of utter atonal, hyper-distorted sonic chaos but tethered to something resembling solid ground by the rhythms of bone-smashing bass and gunshot snare bursts. To stitch together some apt words from the song titles, this is an iron scourge of bludgeoning barbaric bloodlust that demands death before surrender.”


1. F.F.F. (Intro)
2. The Bludgeoning
3. Iron Scourge
4. Ceremonial Disembowelment
5. Altar of Crushed Enemies
6. La Eterna Guerra Sangrienta
7. Caveman Cult
8. Barbaric Bloodlust
9. Death Before Surrender
10. Supremacy of the Savage Hordes
11. Caverns of Atrocity



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