LAR-005: Autokrator – The Obedience to Authority gatefold LP


Release date: October 31, 2016

Larval Productions announces the release of AUTOKRATOR – “The Obedience to Authority” Gatefold LP. Autokrator from France play an unparalleled style of suffocating, dissonant, droning death metal, and their latest record easily counts as one of the most uncompromising releases of the year.

“Like most historically infamous despots, Autokrator seem to have no plans on stopping or even slowing their domination agenda, for 2016 has already birthed another towering slab of weaponized industrial Death Metal terror entitled The Obedience To Authority. Released earlier this year digitally and on CD, this voracious beast of an album is receiving the vinyl treatment it so rightly deserves from the esteemable Larval Productions and thus we have another reason to examine this compelling act. Here, we again find Autokrator doing what they do best: crushing the masses with an overwhelming show of force that comes in the form of extremely down tuned, churning compositions that are as bluntly heavy as they are atmospheric in nature. However, the attack has been honed this time around in such a way that the eight chapters that make up The Obedience To Authority are arguably even more subjugating and deadly.”Cult Nation

“The Obedience to Authority exists to snuff out all of your hopes and dreams; allowing a glimpse into the subservient nature of humankind. This is an absolutely crushing album, offering pummeling death metal wrapped in a layer of industrialized drone. Not for the faint of heart, Autokrator’s sound could exists on the same plane as Ævangelist or Portal, yet with the added dissonance of industrial noise and droning ambiance. This is likely to be the heaviest and most crushing album of the year.”


This album is pressed on 180-200gram virgin black vinyl, and is housed in a high quality gatefold jacket. Limited edition shirts (Gildan ultra cotton, prints on front, back, and sleeves with discharge ink) are also available to coincide with the release date.

European buyers can obtain this record and shirt from the band here. If you have a distro elsewhere and would like to obtain copies of this release, get in touch.