LAR-011: Genocide Shrines – Ceylonese Terror Attack LP

Release date: September 3, 2018


Live at Tantra.War.Blast.III (2017)
1. Ethnoheretical Padmavyuha Consecration
2. Nectars Of Tantric Murder
3. All And/Or Nothing
4. Shivatandaviolence

Live at Siyanepura Devastation (2018)
5. Ethnoheretical Padmavyuha Consecration
6. Militant Thrishul (Eradiction Puja)

Live at Black Mass Festival (2012)
7. Devanation Monumentemples
8. Apparitions Of Spiritual Obliteration

All tracks recorded live in Sri Lanka through various sources and follows the path of the first Live release “Mahabharat Terror Attack”.

Limited to 300. First 50 direct purchases from Larval Productions come with a patch embroidered with golden borders.

Purchase here.

European buyers can obtain this record from New Era Productions, Darker Than Black / Merchants of Death, Iron Bonehead Productions, and Dunkelheit Productions.